Experience Vivid by Citizen

Retailers want lighting that embellishes the colors of clothes, food, beverages, and fabrics so that people like you and I are excited about the vividness of products that we want to buy and experience. If a product looks too dull, consumers are going to walk away.
Citizen Electronics’ Linear ZHAGA Vivid modules is the only linear solution that offers majestic, rich, and intense color solutions to lighting enthusiasts who are keen in installing luminaires in aisle ways of supermarkets, museums, clothing stores, and other areas.


1.  Unique colors experiences in linear form factor allow for linear fit out innovations.
2.  Slim width optimizes luminaire designs.
3.  ZHAGA footprint allows OEMs to swap product in/out of existing designs.
4.  5-year limited warranty with Inventronics or Philips LED Drivers*   

Download Vivid Presentation Here
 Sizes  0.33ft (XS),  0.5ft (S),  1ft(M) , 2ft(L)
 Power  4.5W , 7W,  14W,  28W
 Colors  White, Warm, Warm Plus, Warm Plus 2
 Efficiency  Up to  116 lm/W
 Lumen Output   Up to 4230 lm