SCI is proud to announce Citizen’s recent line-up of COB LEDs, namely the “High Current Series”.

Citizen’s new product line-up boasts a 10-15% increase over its predecessor LEDs, making this product the most efficient and thermally viable COB in the market today.

Citizen's HC series is ideal for manufacturers seeking to create high power luminaires in compact sizes with space constraint areas. Because the latest chips maintain the same footprints to its former generation models, they are perfect for retrofitting existing ZHAGA footprint luminaires while upgrading to more efficient products.

Check out the new series below!
1. Available from 2700K - 6500K (70 & 80 CRI)
2. Up to 163Lm/W (tested at Tj=85°C)
3. Maximum case temperature of 130°C and junction temperature of 165°C
1. Ideal for catering various types of indoor and outdoor lighting applications
2. Enable OEMs to attain great lumen/dollar values and energy efficient luminaires
3. Allow easier thermal management due to LEDs' high heat tolerances and longer lifetime of the chips
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Available Series: 
CLU029-1201C8, CLU029-1202C8, CLU029-1203C8, CLU029-1204C8
CLU039-1205C8, CLU039-1206C8, CLU039-1208C8, CLU039-1210C8
CLU049-1212C8, CLU049-1812C8, CLU049-1818C8
CLU059-1825C8, CLU059-3618C8