Dear Customer,

Since the advent of technology, creating obvious price transparency and providing global access to product from numerous sources literally with a push a button, distributors of all sizes are continuously getting challenged about why they exist and whether it really makes sense to buy from a "middle-man" or smaller, less established agent.

At Supreme, time and again we get asked why we exist as a distributor, and how we add value.

At our CORE, be believe that people with passion and speed can change the world for the better.

Additionally, we hereby present to you 11 powerful reasons to buy from us as your distributor of choice.
1. Your 1-stop Shop for more than 30+ Lighting Brands and 10,000+ Products
Your challenges:
You have many requirements that cannot be settled with just one supplier.
How we can help: We act as one stop shop.
Start contacting us to get all componentsto build complete luminaire at one place.
Stop spending your time contacting through each and every supplier for different requirements.
2. Locally Dedicated Technical Sales Representatives
Your challenges: You're not getting required help you need due to language barriers and you are having difficulties paying in non-local currency.
How we can help: We have multiple language speaking sales representatives across eight offices in main regions to be physically present for local support and we provide localized billings.
Start contacting our sales reps for efficient communication and easier local transactions.
Stop troubling yourself by communicating non local languages and transacting internationally which adds up unwanted time and effort.
3. Attractive Savings Programs
Your challenges:
You have tight budget on the spending of resources and do not have enough cash in hand.
How we can help: We have extended credit terms, bundled savings, cash back and rebate programs.
Start saving up your money through smart saving programs and maintain smooth cash flow and sustain your interest by purchasing through us in flexible credit terms.
Stop breaking your capital by paying cash down.
4. Free Samples and Prototypes Forever
Your challenges:
You're not getting enough free samples to test out and you have to pay a certain amount to get customized products required for your projects.
How we can help: We provide custom free LED PCB assembly services and support free samples to suit your requirements.
Start asking us for free samples and customized LED products to test out immediately.
Stop spending unnecessary excessive cash for a few samples just for the sake of evaluating their performance.
5. Focused Logistics and Inventory Management Solutions
Your challenges: You are either unfamiliar or busy enough to manage logistics services of your products. Additionally, you want the products fast due to narrow project timeline.
How we can help: We assist by helping you with the most efficient and cost-friendly courier services, trade forms for smoother shipments and less import duties. We also focus on VMI solutions that can extremely help in getting the goods ready in a limited amount of time.
Start relying on us to get your goods at the right time and the right price.
Stop going through the hassles by finding the right courier company for your shipment and panick for last minute shipment.
Supreme Components International also:
1. Keeps stock for immediate requirements.
2. Provides technologically advanced free online tools for faster product selection and purchases.
3. Guarantees on quality assurance of all the products we sell.
4. Provides fast and free customized sub-assembly services with swift technical support
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