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Whether you are installing outdoor stadium lights for upcoming games or street lights on high ways, it is a tremendously costly and frustrating experience when your light catastrophically fails from unforeseen lightning strikes and storms. No matter how bad the calamity is, you need a surge arrestor that acts as a shield to keep your light safe from continuous high surges strikes.

SCI is proud to introduce a range of robust 10kA- 40kA SPDs/surge arrestors from Devtech, a leading techological research driven company that aims to manufacture products to optimize energy efficiency and safely.

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  Why Devtech?

Key Features


Maximum discharge current of 40KA and voltage of 20KV

Provides maximum level protection for lighting strikes and ideal for areas with higher surges risks

Series and Parallel connection type 

Offers flexibility in how you want your luminaires to be protected

Built-in thermal disconnect function

Internal thermal function protects SPD from self-burn out

Compliant to EMC, performance, safety, RoHS and CE standards

Ensures safety and reliability of the products due to thorough testing

Customization for SPD's cable core types, colors and lengths Allows users with different wire options to be compatible with different drivers and luminaires
Customization for types of MOV: TMOV or UMOV  Optimises cost trade offs by avoiding unncessary high cost MOVs
  How to Connect Devtech in Series/Parallel Configuration
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