Happy New Year 2019!

With a fresh start of the year and new product developments in line, SCI is excited to announce that Mechatronix, has developed a new "CoolStar" series that would be ideal for sophisticated high end looking indoor application.

These snowflake looking heatsinks can undeniably add the overall look of your spot and downlights that would save some time of lighting designers to design unique looking products.

Find out more about COOLSTAR Series below!
COOLSTAR'S Key Features and Benefits

Key Features


Available from 47-86mm diameter and 30-60mm height.

Allow flexibility to design different sizes of product in various space constraint areas.

Capability of cooling from 1000 - 6000 lumens

Ideal for wide range of indoor spotlight and downlight applications

Compatible with various LED brands and all Zhaga book 3,11 LED engines and holders

Perfect to keep SKUs low

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