For OEMs developing ultra high floodlights, SCI is pleased to announce that Inventronics has launched highest power LED driver till date.

Inventronics EFD-1K2 is the first 1200W stand-alone LED driver with wide input voltage range (180-528Vac) and current range (3.36-7.4A), eliminating the needs for multiple driver solutions for high power application.

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Inventronics EFD-1K2's Features and Benefits

Key Features


Ultra high power up to 1200W

Ideal for high power horticulture, high mast, port and stadium/arena lighting.

Wide output voltage range (81-357Vdc) and programmable current range (0.336-7.4A)

Perfect for eliminating the need of multiple drivers design and reducing installation and maintence cost.

12V/200mA external auxiliary power

Beneficial to use with external sensors and controls

External thermal sensing and protection port for LED module

Offers more external features like OTP smart function to extend luminaire's longevity

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