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Presenting to you Tridonic's 3rd Gen Outdoor Drivers

SCI is proud to announce that 3rd-generation outdoor drivers from Tridonic's Excite (EXC) & Advanced (ADV) series are now available, fully powered by an NFC interface. This feature would inevitably saves programming time in luminaire, capable of programming up to 20 drivers at one step. The dimmable control gear elements for luminaire fixtures are available in various wattage & also, if required, with matching LED modules.

What is NFC?
Near-Field Communication technology allows contactless communication between 2 electronic devices, in our case LED drivers, when placed 4 cm within each other.
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Why Choose Tridonic?
Available from 14-200W  Ideal to cater various power level lighting application.
Adjustable output current via NFC technology Perfect to keep SKUs low due to flexible configuration.
 Intelligent Voltage Guard Plus   (IVG+) function  Enhances the longevity and durability of the drivers from risk of under and over voltage.
Up to 94.5% efficiency   Best energy savings for luminaires
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