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For OEMs seeking high-quality LEDs with the best lumen dollar value, Osram Optosemiconductor offers a wide spectrum of products from low power 0.2W to high-power 4W. OSRAM offers an extensive array of LED components tailored for various types of applications including area lighting, horticulture, automotive and more...
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  • Long lifetime of 25 years (Average lifetime of 25,000 hours)
  • Up to 200 lm/W
  • Available in 80°, 150° viewing angles.
  • Upto 4 years guarantee*

Read on for some major OSRAM product outlines for an extensive range of applications.

Osram's wide product portfolio is captured here for your reference.
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Osconiq® S 3030 QD

- Uses Quantum Dots (QD) - Innovative, tunable Light Conversion tecnology.
- Outdoor EMC package for superior lm/$.
- Tight 1.5 lm bin for 3V devices & 5 lm bin for 6V devices enhance fixture output accuracy.
- Excellent color over angle performance.
- Compact 3.0 mm x 3.0 mm dimensions.
Applications: Area lighting, Downlighting

DURIS® S 10 (7070)

- Excellent optical control and very narrow angle design
- Light output up to 1730 lm
- Higher lumen per dollar ratio
- Light-emitting Surface of ⌀ 7.7 mm only
- Available with CRI 70, 80 & 90
Applications: Directional & Omnidirectional Retrofits, Directional Spot Luminaires,  Downlights, Track lights, High bay & Consumer Outdoor Lighting

Flexible Tunable White – Tunable Warm White

- Flexible and Cuttable LED strip
- Luminous Flux: up to 3,800 lm/m
- Adjustable Color Temperatures via Tunable White: 2200..3500K, 2500..3500K, 2700..6500K
- Toolless connection with the optional CONNECTsystem
Applications: Cove lighting, Shop lighting & Offices

Advanced Power TOPLED

- Available in Red (625 nm), Amber (617 nm), Yellow, True green, Blue, White & Warm white 
- Compact SMT package, colorless clear silicone resin
- Outstanding lifetime of up to 50,000 hours
- Optical efficacy: 10 lm/W
- Chip technology: Thinfilm/ThinGaN
- Operating Temperature:  -40°C to 110°C
Applications: Custom Tuning, Displays (Backlighting), Solid state lighting (Interior, Decorative Illuminations), Automotive
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