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Perks of being in business with a Singaporean Distributor

2nd in Ease of Conducting Business by World Bank 2018
3rd in Global Competitiveness Report 2017-18

The most obvious choice for any company would be to conduct business with a Singaporean distributor since it would allow them to maximize the geographical advantages. Being located in Singapore, SCI enjoys several benefits which translates to better operational efficiency and distribution standards.

Singapore - a blend of East and the West - facilitates ease of trade and allows for a suitable business environment to capitalize on, being the link between different ASEAN nations.

Your Ecosystem for Success
Owing to our location, SCI enjoys a number of advantages specific to commodity hub ecosystem which makes us an extremely compatible distributor to work with. How does this translate to something profitable for you - our customers?
Physical Flows and Infrastructure

Singapore’s strategic location makes it a significant air & sea hub in the region.
Being in such close proximity to major Asian powerhouse countries, ANZ, and Africa, SCI can afford to easily facilitate major logistics and supply chain links which can help in high-volume trade and consolidated shipments.

• 116 airlines flying to 329 cities in 79 countries •
• 6,972 flights every week •
• 200 shipping lines with links to 600 ports in 120 countries •
• 56 daily shipping routes to Asia, of which 33 are to Southeast Asia •


Over 83 double-tax agreements and 20 Free Trade agreements give Singaporean companies an (unfair) advantage over their peers from different nations.

  • Slashed Import Duties
  • Free flow of goods in partner countries
  • Increase in Sales Volumes
  • Stable and predictable operating environment between member nations

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