Require precise beam control to create desired lighting effect?

World's 1st Range of Optical SiO3 Silicone Lenses by KHATOD
(For COB LEDs)

Designed & manufactured in Italy, Khatod's 'silicone lenses' are a multiple-award winning innovation. They are manufactured using in-cold injection-moulding techniques with high optical engineering.
The most advanced COBs offering high-quality of light can release high temperatures causing strain on lenses based on conventional polymers such as PMMI, PMMA and PC. This is where Silicone lenses are a saviour!

Why Opt for Khatod's Silicone Lenses over others?
Feature What this means for you?
High Thermal Stability Can handle -40 to 150°C (200°C peak) which ensures continuous usage doesn’t affect performance of COB.
 Sustained Transparency & Yellowing Resistance Contributes to longevity of the lenses as the light quality remains unperturbed.
Optimized for COBs Most major HB LEDs & COB LEDs can be configured to fit in with Khatod’s lenses.
Lack of Birefringence Superior optical refractive index negates light distortion.
 Silicone as an Elastomer No need for extra protection: glass or gasket for IP.
Strong endurance Micro-crack resistant under harsh environmental conditions; UV-resistant; Immersion & Explosion-proof.
SiO3 Lenses
  • Ultra Clear Silicone Lenses suitable for COB LEDs.
  • 100,00 mm x 111,00 mm side, 33,80 mm height.
  • 120° Square beam angle.
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SiO3 Junior Series
  • Suitable for COB with LES 9mm ~ 23mm diameter.
  • Dimensions are 85.09 mm dia; 22.93 mm height; considerably smaller in size than the regular lenses.
  • IESNA Type IV: Produces semicircular light meant for mounting on building sides/walls.
  • Uniform light intensity at angles from 90° to 270°.
  • Compliant with IP & IK Rating
Useful Resources:
Watch this video by Khatod for details about their immensely effective
SiO3 Optical Lens series
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