Impeccable Indoor Lighting options?

LEDIL's Daisy product family fits the bill perfectly

The Daisy product portfolio is marketed especially for office lighting applications. These are available in DARK mode which is meant to ease office glare and reduce stress and fatigue on the eye.

Optimised for 2835 LEDs, it is compatible with packages up to 5630 LEDs as well.

Dark light concept Seamless glare eliminating shade ensures low Unified Glare Rating (UGR < 19)
Available in different form factors (28x1, 7x1, 4x1 and 2x2) Aesthetically pleasing form factor for interior cove lighting, up-lighting, recessed and suspended ceiling lighting applications.
Highly efficient lenses Ensures 84% efficiency and 0.580cd/lm peak intensity.
Beam angle ±40°  Medium spread beam that offers fantastic intensity and coverage.
Adaptable light fixtures  Can be used for recessed, surface mounted or pendant luminaire designs.
DAISY - 28 x 1

1140 x 40 mm linear solution
with 28 x 1 shade

>> Click here for 28 x 1 datasheet
DAISY 2 x 2

79.4 x 79.4 mm rectangular solution with 2 x 2 shade

>> Click here for 2 x 2 datasheet
DAISY 4 x 1

182 x 40 mm linear solution with
4 x 1 shade

>> Click here for 4 x 1 datasheet
DAISY 7 x 1

280 x 40 mm linear solution with
7 x 1 shade

>> Click here for 7x1 datasheet
DAISY 8 x 1

305 x 40 mm (12' long) linear solutions with 8 x 1 shade.

>> Click here for 8 x 1 datasheet
View LEDIL Daisy's product introduction video
LEDIL is a leading optics & lens expert operating from Finland, Europe since 2002 and has a presence in 3 continents. Their extensive product portfolio (over 4000 products) includes: lenses, reflectors, street & area lighting, high bay lighting & connectors.
While this newsletter focuses on indoor lighting using the DAISY product family, if you require other products, do reach out to us
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