From Para Light, Smartec Sensors & CUI

SCI offers advanced solutions for the fight against Covid19

Sterilize Covid19 Virus using UVC LEDs from Para Light
Para Light’s UVC LEDs are used for several key disinfecting applications:
  • Covid 19 Virus sterilization
  • Phototherapy
  • UV Disinfection
For inquiries on these UVC LEDs, do reach out to us now!

UV Technology for Air Purification

Major Benefits:

  • UV technology deactivates bacteria, viruses & fungal spores in air (and water) and makes them completely harmless
  • India government regulations mandate the use of Air Handling Units (AHUs)
  • Deliveries by July - Order now and get it delivered by July
Sophisticated Thermopiles & Pressure Sensors from Smartec
For Ventilators
Smart Pressure Device SPD series of pressure sensors are silicon based and encapsulated in all kind of housings.
  • Many encapsulations
  • Many pressure ranges
  • Bridge, analogue, digital, I2C output
  • Excellent quality
  • Short delivery time
For Contactless Thermometers
SMTIR99XX infrared sensors are sophisticated devices containing silicon infrared sensors & thermopiles. These can be used in measuring radiation temperature without any contact.
  • Excellent quality
  • TO-05 housing
  • Filled with Nitrogen (other gasses on request)
  • Two angles of view (70° and 15° with silicon lens)
  • Output in mV or I2C (module)
Optimized Power Supplies for Medical Applications
CUI is focusing on developing optimized medical power supplies, while also addressing the stringent quality, regulatory, and product life cycle requirements in the medical industry.
They offer class leading power density and energy efficiency.
They carry IEC 60601-1 medical safety approvals for 2 x MOPP applications, these power supplies excel at delivering power in an extremely compact package.
Their line of wall mount and desktop medical adapters are pre-approved for 2 x MOPP applications and find applications in Respiratory monitoring, Digital thermometers, Smart diagnostic equipment, Charging portable devices, Imaging equipment, Drug delivery devices, Monitoring equipment, Blood pressure meter, Oximeter & Glucose meters.
They find applications in the following
  • Diagnostics - Medical imaging, CT scanning, ultrasound, blood analysis
  • Monitoring - Blood pressure monitoring, ECG, EEG
  • Laboratory - Chemical analysis, lab automation
  • Home Patient Care - Medical bed, CPAP, infusion pump
  • Dental - Dental chair, dental LCD display, oral care equipment
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