Citizen's carries the brightest horticulture LED in the world, and widest power ranges from 0.2W - 600W.

Although no Horticulture LED selector tool exists, please review the following product brochure and presentation for application and technical information.

Type Typical Pout
Max Pout
Vout Range
Typical I
Max I
Lumen Output
at typical I (lm)
CLU03H-25-55PW (54W)255431.8 - 37.5 72014402161 Datasheet
CLU03H-25-55PRB (54W)255431.8 - 37.5 72014401370 Datasheet
CLU04H-40-85PW (81W)408131.8 - 37.5 108021603352 Datasheet
CLU04H-40-85PRB (81W)408131.8 - 37.5 108021602125 Datasheet
CLU04H-85-200PW (182W)8518247.8 - 56.2 162032407159 Datasheet
CLU04H-85-200PRB (182W)85 18247.8 - 56.2 16203240 4540 Datasheet
CLU05H-170-400PW (363W)16836395.6 - 112.3 1620324014437 Datasheet
CLU05H-170-400PRB (363W)16836395.6 - 112.3162032409155 Datasheet

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